LAVC最新消息? Learn How the reVitalization of Los Angeles Valley College is now underway...

Valley College is currently undergoing a $704 million renovation and building project to renovate existing buildings and build new sustainable buildings. Existing classroom buildings are being updated with new technology and energy efficient standards.

It all began when the voters of Los Angeles approved Proposition A in 2001 and Proposition AA in 2003 to help improve college facilities at Los Angeles Valley College. 晚些时候, Los Angeles voters approved Measure J in 2008 and Measure CC in 2016 to further improve college facilities and expand educational programs to meet the growing needs of the community.

In 2006, Valley College made history with the opening of its 维护 & 操作 / 治安官站, which was the campus’ first new building in more than 30 years. The 维护 and 操作 / Sheriff’s Station was also heralded as the first LEED-certified building at a college in the Los Angeles Community College 区 (LACCD).

在接下来的几年里, the college updated many of its aging facilities and added several new buildings. 除了, all new campus structures are being built as LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings.


Select from the following images to learn about each of the college's projects
Rendering of the west facing view of 学术大楼1


Rendering of 2号教学楼


Student in wheelchair using the adapted gym equipment in the Adapted Physical Education Center

Adapted Physical Education Center

政府 & 职业发展大厦

政府 & 职业发展

East facing entrance of 盟军的健康 & 科学中心 during sunset

盟军的健康 & 科学中心

Parents walking children to 儿童发展中心 in the 儿童发展 and 复杂的家庭

儿童发展 & 复杂的家庭

South facing side of the 社区服务中心


场 House - Concession Stand & 客人卫生间

场 House - Concession Stand & 客人卫生间

Overhead view of 图书馆 inside the 图书馆 & 学术资源中心

图书馆 & 学术资源中心

Entrance of 维护 and 操作 building

维护 & 操作


君主体育中心 view from Monarch Stadium track


Car driving towards the LAVC 停车 Structure

停车 Structure - Ethel Avenue

East facing side of the 学生服务中心


& 附件

Students walking in front of the 学生会


Student in front of camera in TV studio

TV Studio (Krupnick Media Arts Center)

Rendering of the 谷学术 & 文化中心

谷学术 & 文化中心